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Our intention here is to show you bit and pieces of some of the jobs we have completed. We will be adding more and more content as time goes by.

Note: Click the thumbnail image to see a larger version that shows greater detail of some of the controls and pumps we have built.
click to enlarge this Image Triplex Controls: REPCO custom builds UL 508 industrial controls in our control panel shop. This project uses the latest technology to operate a triplex pump package using variable frequency drives, programmable logic controllers and radio modems to maintain discharge pressure and a SCADA interface with the municipalities monitoring system. REPCO designs and engineers all types of controls for the water and wastewater industries.
click to enlarge this Image Triplex Pump: A large municipality required a turn key pump package. REPCO worked closely with the engineer, contractor and city to design a custom built packaged booster system. This package provides normal domestic water boosting as well as a high flow pump for fire protection flows. REPCO designs and engineers pumps and controls for a complete pump package.

Bob Warren (l) and Bob Prescott (r) both retired from many years of water system design with REPCO, are impressed with the technology available in the water system controls today.

REPCO engineered and built this UL 508 Industrial Control. It features analog input for water tank level system pressure and system flow. A programable logic controller with a touch screen interface allows the operator to completely set and monitor system operation
Triplex booster pumps and a fire flow pump provide constant domestic water and also fire flow requirements. All controlled by variable frequency drive to maintain a constant pressure in the system without the need for a hydropneumatic tank
Click to enlarge this Image 36 inch diameter filters in duplex with an aging tank. The filters have manganese greensand with a constant feed potasium permanganate injection in front of the aging tank for iron and manganese removal. Automatic control valves with filtered water backwash automatically control the filters.
Click to enlarge this Image Large water softeners are no problem for REPCO! This duplex 36 inch softener system features filtered water backwashing, metered regeneration and has a custom built brine tank to hold a full pallet of salt. Flow rates for this system are as high as 300 GPM.
Click to enlarge this Image The pump package features two alternating jockey pumps and two alternating booster pumps. The pumps run on variable frequecy drives, eliminating the need for a pressure tank and the pumps maintain a constant pressure.
Click to enlarge this Image Well pumps, chemical feed, jockey pumps, and booster pumps are controlled by a state of the art control system. Controls feature a programmable logic controller with analog control for reservoir level, station pressure and flow.
Click to enlarge this Image A Community Water System, designed to utilize well pumps and booster pumps to provide domestic water, irrigation and fire protection for 100 homes
Click to enlarge this Image Intergrating pumps, valves and REPCO CONTROLS to make a complete system function as designed.
click to enlarge this Image We make complex operations simple by using the latest Programable Controllers and Man-Machine interfaces

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