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About the Mineral Sample Kit

You may be interested in just the aesthetic elements your well water may contain, for this we provide a free water test kit. We will send you a standard sample bottle and when returned we will test for Hardness, Iron, pH, Chlorides and Manganese.

These elements commonly cause the unsightly red iron stain or a dark manganese stain. A low pH contributes to the corrosiveness of your water and may give a greenish stain. A high hardness has the tell tale bath tub ring, water spots on glassware or speckles in ice cubes. When tested you will also receive a recommendation on equipment and a contact to a water treatment specialist that you may contact to assist you in the installation and the final selection of equipment.

The kit that you will receive from REPCO contains a standard test bottle, easy-to-follow instructions and a return envelope for you to send us back your well water sample.

We also offer testing for contaminants (arsenic, bacteria, lead, radon, etc.) through a local laboratory for a fee. Please contact us at 603-772-4321 ext. 15 if you are interested in these tests.

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